About Price Intelligently

Every product is sold at a price but most prices are pulled out of thin air. We help the best SaaS companies make data-driven decisions to package, price, & analyze performance so everyone wins.

Price Intelligently started from a simple question: "How should I price my SaaS product?"

The answer is surprisingly complex, which began a journey into sales, psychology, and data-science, resulting in a company hell-bent on helping other software companies use science & data (not feeling & gut) to properly package, position and price their products and services.

Getting that equation right can transform struggling companies into growth companies, and growth companies into juggernauts. And while we've already worked with many of the world's most well known SaaS companies (bootstrapped, funded, private, public), we are working hard to bring what we've learned to all of the software world.

We're a small, but mighty 32-person team on a multi-million dollar run-rate. CROs, finance teams, & product teams call us experts, depend on our data daily, and are screaming for 'more, more, more!' Oh, and we've accomplished this without a dime of external funding. We are at the intersection of sales, psychology, and, most importantly- data. We've still got a lot to do, and many, many more people to reach.

If you're insatiably curious and ready to design & build the SaaS analytics platform of the future... we'd love it if you'd join us for the ride!

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