Junior Designer

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


We are looking for a talented junior designer to join our growing team.

You will learn and work with the senior designer as well as other team members within the company to guide your projects and push your designs forward.

At Price Intelligently we believe that design plays an important role in the success of our digital product. You’ll have the opportunity to work on everything from infographics and images for our blog, to helping design and expand our marketing site, presentations, and many details within our new digital product (ProfitWell). If you have and are continuing to develop a strong visual design ability and want to learn more about UX and the “product thinking” that informs your visual designs then Price Intelligently is your next move.

For the past few years, Price Intelligently has been helping SaaS companies make more money and learn more about their customers through pricing and value monitoring. We do that by collecting, analyzing, and communicating not just data, but actionable insights.We believe that taking a bunch of data and translating it into a bunch of graphs doesn’t really solve the problem. We also believe that focus on one industry helps us win in helping customers and growing our business. We want to solve for these failings of the Business Intelligence industry, empowering everyone to get the most out of SaaS.


What you need to succeed:

Bonus Skills:


Why Price intelligently?

At Price Intelligently, you’ll learn more than you ever thought imaginable amongst a team that’s incredibly focused on their mission to help SaaS companies grow through pricing, analytics, and retention tools.



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