Customer Success Manager & Researcher

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


To empower the entire SaaS industry to grow, we need to ensure that we truly understand our customers in terms of their pain points and opportunities. We also need to make sure that we’re implementing campaigns that allow them to get enormous amounts of value out of our knowledge of the industry. The right person for this role will be able to come into our fast-paced environment, learn our products and mission in no time at all, and be the main driver of our customer development, as well as our customer success organization.

As a Customer Success Manager you’ll be running our customer research and helping analyze where our customers need help to implement customer success campaigns that boost adoption, retention, and overall customer satisfaction. You’ll do this in conjunction with our product and support driven sales team. Given our product and position in the industry, you’ll learn more about growing a software company than anywhere else while you maintain a proven track record of keeping customers happy and empowering them to act on the data we deliver.


What you need to succeed:

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Why Price intelligently?

At Price Intelligently, you’ll learn more than you ever thought imaginable amongst a team that’s incredibly focused on their mission to help SaaS companies grow through pricing, analytics, and retention tools.



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